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The only FDA registered transdermal human growth hormone product

available without prescription. 

HGH Gel Education - Dr. Leita Harris Discusses The Endocrine System

What is HGH Gel?


As we age, energy plummets, skin starts to wrinkle, muscles get weak, and our bones become brittle. These are typical signs of a decrease in growth hormone (GH). GH reaches its peak around the age of 20 and begins to plummet at about age 25, marking the start of the dreaded aging process. 

This HGH gel provides a unique and affordable supplement designed to support your pituitary gland to bring your hormone production closer to youthful levels.

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FDA Registered

SomaDerm® Gel is the only FDA registered transdermal human growth hormone product available without prescription

NDC #61877-0004-1


Satisfaction Guarantee

New U Life offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products.

Potential Benefits*

This HGH Gel product may: 

Improve Sleep*

Reduce Fat*

Increase Muscle*

Improve Bone Health*

Improve Joint Health*

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"I appear to be shrinking and I'm feeling great, contrary to other products I've taken."

— Lauri

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

New U Life is a customer focused business. We are here to serve you with incredible products and customer service. All products provided come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever, even for no reason at all you wish to return your product(s), we will arrange a return label to ship the product back to us, and you will be refunded 100% of your money, cost, tax charges in full to the payment method you used at check out. Shipping costs are non-refundable. This policy is in effect for 60 days after you place your order.


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